Common Factors for Women Success

Common Factors
for Women Success

Crowne Plaza Hotel

November 28
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Event Organisers

Safira CSR is a Social entrepreneurship company. The main concept behind this type of companies internationally is the process of pursuing innovative solutions to social problems and issues. And create positive impact in the society.

Our Mission

To involve the private sector in empowering women and the youth and conducting creative solutions to social issues and building awareness.

Our Services

Our services include Corporate CSR consultations (Company Study and CSR plan proposal), Social Campaigns development & management and CSR event planning and management.


This forum is held under the patronage of Her Excellency, the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Hind Subaih Barrak Al Subaih.

What will make our event different?

More women are being inspired by these initiatives but they still lack support from within their families and male dominated work environment.
Our event is from women to men in working environment but also to husbands and fathers.
What will make our event different is the Man's engagement in the event. We will bring his perspective to all the discussions.

About Event

Women continue to advance in the world, they have clearly made a decision to lead and continue to push their boundaries.

Aspiring women with great achievements can encourage more talented young women to pursue their dreams and believe in their abilities to be successful and happy.

Women leadership and empowerment continues to be a popular topic that attracts organisations, social movements and public figures. We think that the popularity of this topic resides in the fact that women have been showing that they can lead and make a difference in their surroundings and societies.

A common feature in women is believed to be their readiness to help other women succeed in life and at work. Therefore, we, too motivated and luckily empowered women living in Kuwait, are planning to organise an event with the objective of revealing through successful women, how talented women can grow and excel in their own fields.





Keynote Speakers

Hind Al Subaih
Minister of Social Affairs & Labor

Sheikha Al Zain Al Sabah
Under Secretary of Ministry of State for Youth

Maha Al Baghli
Founder & Managing Director of Safira CSR Co.

Reem Badran
President of MENA Business & Professional Women Network, Jordan

Ismael Abdullah Al Shatti
Educational & Family Consultant


Mrs. Rasha Al Roumi
Chairperson of Kuwait Airways

Dr. Majida Al Yatama
Gynecologist and Business woman

Mrs. Hajar Al Hajri
1st Kuwaiti woman Command in Chief at a police station

Mrs. Hala Al Tannak
Area Manager at an Islamic Bank

Dr. Anwar Al-Ibrahim
Vice President of Kuwait University Construction Program

Balsam Al Ayoub
Fencing Champion & Sport Activist

Eng. Bashayer Al Awwad
General Director of Kuwait Voluntary Work Center

Mrs. Maali Al Asousi
Humanitarian Activist

Lt. Col. Melody Mitchell
USAF Office of Military Cooperation, Kuwait

Dr. Mohammed Al Fares
Secretary General of Kuwait University

Khalid Al Quod
Chairman Bahrain CSR Society